In Your Face

In Your Face is a free 3d basketball game.

Here is a small screenshot (real size version):

In Your Face screenshot thumbnail

And a video.

Yeah, I know that it looks quite crappy, but that's mostly because I'm the worst artist ever (and anyway I haven't spent any time trying to improve the look of the game, mostly because I guess I won't be able to improve it even if I try), the game is quite cool besides that (or will be ;) ).

Getting the game

The game is still under heavy development, but you can already download it to see how it's looking. Right now the only way to get the game is via SVN, check below for instructions on getting the code from SVN and building it.


Lead (and only) developer

Isaac Clerencia


At the moment I am developing this game as my final project to get my university degree, so I am writing it on my own for now.

In any case ideas, bug reports, art (2d and 3d graphics and sounds) and patches will be really welcome. The game is written in C++ and it already has around 6000 lines of code according to sloccount.

IRC channel

If you need help to build the game, want to help or just would like to have a quick chat with me, join the #inyourface channel on

Getting the code from SVN

Developer SVN

svn co inyourface/

Anonymous SVN access

svn co svn:// inyourface/

Building the game

In order to build the game you need the following libraries:

You should try to get as much componentes as possible from your distribution, otherwise you'll have to spend several hours building stuff.

Once you have installed all the libs and you have got the source code, you just only need to:

cd inyourface
cmake .
cd src

to get the game going. Logo